In this video we will look at the scripting function Previous() in QlikView. This function returns the value using data from previous input record. This function will exclude the records which are discarded in the where clause(). In the previous video we have already seen how to use the Peek() function. Remember, unlike Peek() function you don’t need the single quotes around the field name. I understand it is very confusing to remember about the single quotes. If I am using ApplyMap() and Peek() then the recommended syntax is with the single quotes and most of the other functions don’t need the quotes around the field name. I hope QlikTech changes this in future for making developers life easy.

I am going to demonstrate a practical example on how to use both Previous() and Peek() together to solve practical issues. I hope this helps!

Just in case if you can’t watch the video from this site, you can use this link to watch from Youtube.

Thank you for watching. Happy learning icon_smile .