In this video we will look at the function – ApplyMap()  along with Mapping Load in QlikView. This function works similar to VLookup() in Excel. There are few things to remember before you start using ApplyMap() function.

  1. Use this function when you wanted to extract only one field from a lookup table
  2. First column should be lookup value or preferably unique id and second column is the output column you wanted to fetch
  3. Mapping table will only exist in the load statement

I am going to demonstrate a practical example on how to use both ApplyMap() and Mapping Load together to add additional field. I hope this helps! I recommend you to read Steve Dark’s post on ApplyMap() which covers in more detail. Please note there is a typo error on Unknown (not uknown).

Just in case if you can’t watch the video from this site, you can use this link to watch from Youtube.

Thank you for watching. Happy learning :) .