Monthly Archives: February 2012

Attribute Chart Expressions in QlikView

Hello, Today, I’ll talk about attribute chart expressions in QlikView. These attributes are hidden and may not be obvious. You can see these attributes only when you click on the “+” sign in front of the expression. We have 7 different attributes and some of them are only applicable to specific chart types. Background colour(…)

Code reusability in QlikView and Script Debugging

Hello, Today, I’ll show you two important concepts in QlikView Scripting. I’ll talk about code reusability and also about how to hide the QlikView script within the document. Then I’ll talk about QlikView script debugging and features available while debugging the script. Understanding debugging process is very important for troubleshooting. Just in case if you(…)

Custom chart features / hide or show data points on charts in QlikView

Hello, Today, I’ll show you how to add custom chart features or how to toggle features to show/hide data points on the chart. This technique helps users to control the hide/show settings of data points on the chart. I have demonstrated this technique in two ways : Without using VB Scripting or Macros Using VB(…)

Dynamic Time Intervals Using Calculated Dimension In QlikView

Hello, Today, I’ll show you a clever technique to calculate the user defined time intervals. I’ll use the expression instead of field for calculated dimension.  I have learnt this technique fromRob Wunderlich on QlikView Community. So all credit to him for sharing this technique. Here is the expression of the calculated dimension and I’m sorry I(…)