As promised, I have created a series of video tutorials on how to integrate Google Analytics (ga) data within QlikView. This is the first part and in this video I’ll provide high-level overview on Google Analytics architecture.

As mentioned in the video, I’d strongly recommend using QV Source because they have done great job with QlikView API connectors. Not just for Google Analytics but using QV Source you can extract data from multiple data sources like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blog Search & Sentiment Analysis. Please check their website and get in touch them if you have any customized needs.

Although, In this video I’ll be using a Java Utility written by Pavel Kolesnikov. All credit to him and big thanks to Pavel. So you need to install Java 5 or higher to use this utility. In next video, I’ll show you step-by-step process on how to use this utility within QlikView.

Please take time to leave feedback or rate the video. I need your feedback to improve the quality. Thanks in anticipation.

Just in case if you can’t watch the video from this site, you can use this link to watch from YouTube.

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Thank you for watching. Happy learning.