QlikView administrators have to know little about a lot of things which includes the following:

  • How to install or upgrade QlikView server
  • Managing licensing & CALs
  • How to manage and secure the QVWs
  • Understanding of Windows server architecture & tools
  • How to monitor and troubleshoot QlikView server

Most of the times, QlikView developers wear the administrator’s hat. These developers are forced into the administration world needs some fundamental understanding of QlikView architecture & installation process.

Stephen Redmond’s “QlikView Server and Publisher” is great companion of “QlikView for Developers” by Miguel García & Barry Harmsen. Stephen made no assumptions while writing this book, every chapter covers the essential basics without using any jargons. Having read QlikView Server reference manual, I personally enjoyed Stephen’s simplified explanation. This book is good for any QlikView developer who wanted to understand QlikView Server and Publisher.

Stephen highlighted many useful “tips and tricks” and most of them come from his day-to-day experiences. At times, I felt that I was reading his “technical diary” if there is anything like that.

Must read chapters: Installing QlikView Server Enterprise, and Monitoring and Troubleshooting QlikView Server


  • Quality is great but I was expecting more in terms of quantity
  • Expected to cover about QVS’ natural behaviour and caching
  • Expected more about potential performance issues and how to handle them
  • More detailed explanation about Loop & Reduce implementation

What “QlikView for Developers” for QlikView Developers, same way Stephen Redmond’s “QlikView Server and Publisher” for QlikView administrators. I’d easily recommend all the QlikView enthusiasts at least one time read.

Thank you Stephen & reviewers for all the hard work!

You can purchase the book from Packt | Amazon