As a beginner it’s overwhelming to grasp everything by reading, don’t get me wrong! Reading helps for sure but watching someone doing is easier as we don’t have to visualise it. Anything completely new – I prefer learning by watching and listening. When I started learning QlikView, forget about the video course, there wasn’t a book. I had read the reference guide – almost cover to cover, practising and asking questions on QlikCommunity. However, this wasn’t efficient process as the foundation building blocks were not strong and it took long time for me to build the foundation blocks.

Now for all aspiring QlikView developers, Shilpan has designed good course and published on Udemy. For those who don’t know Shilpan – he runs this blog. No doubt, this course is aimed at newbie developers. 500+ people have already taken this course with 36 people gave 5 star rating. Shilpan covers all the important bits & pieces needed to get started. My criticism – I wish Shilpan could have covered some of the topics in depth and also little bit fast paced would have been much better! Anyway, by the end of the course you will know the workings of Associative Logic, writing scripts, writing expressions (including Set Analysis) and creating visualisations.

Udemy is great platform for on-demand learning. It offers great discounts and Shilpan kindly gave me some coupons for first 25 users which provides 95% discount. You can contact me directly to get the coupon. Just leave a comment and I shall get back to you.

Click here to access the course. Happy learning!


Udemy - QlikView Developer Course