Every Qlik (View and Sense) developer must know Set Analysis. There are loads of articles on Qlikcommunity, and the good old reference manual has information on Set Analysis. However, the content on QlikCommunity is dispersed and hard to locate when you most need. Plus, reading Set Analysis is hard because of its syntax. When I started, I always forgot which brackets come first and the difference between Set Identifiers and Set Modifiers. Of course, with practice now I’m super comfortable with the subject and the syntax. So, two things are critical to master Set Analysis from my POV:

1. Well written content or video lectures
2. Practical examples (So, you can practice a lot)

Shilpan recently launched Set Analysis course covering 58+ video lectures and multiple challenges along with the solutions for the individual challenges. Not just the video lectures but you will also get QVW or QVD files for you to practice. This approach is super effective as it will help you understand the theoretical concepts followed by multiple challenges for you to solve. Of course, you can compare your solution with the instructor’s solution.

This course is $95 for lifetime access. However, Shilpan kindly gave me 50 coupons for just $29, yes it is only $29 or £23 or 2000 INR. If you are interested, please use the below link or leave me a message.

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Happy learning!