1. Launch of QlikSense in business world:  I’m sure you already know it! Qlik launched new product called “QlikSense”. There are loads of blog posts by top bloggers and dozens of getting started tutorials on QlikCommunity. As technology enthusiast, you might be focusing on the features, functionality and comparison with other competitive products. However, it’s equally important to read the business market news about the launch of new product. Here are some of the useful reads about QlikSense in the business world:


2. What happened on 25th July, 2014? 

This day was important for the BI world but interesting events happened in the share market on 25th July, 2014. Qlik Technologies shares soared high and there were speculations about the acquisition. There are no surprising reasons and I think most of you can guess it! I’d recommend reading following articles to understand the reasons in case you can’t guess it!

PS: Watch the video from the fourth link/URL and you’ll hear “Q-Lick” instead of “Click” for Qlik!


3. Rob Wunderlich’s qlikviewnotes blog is now www.qlikviewcookbook.com: Rob is one of the top QlikView blogger and community contributor. Personally, I had learnt a lot from Rob’s contributions. I thought it’s useful for you guys to know that QlikviewNotes blog was moved to www.QlikViewCookBook.com. Most of you might have been subscribed to QlikViewNotes blog, as per Rob, you need to re-subscribe to new blog to receive updates & newsletter. I’ve done that myself and strongly recommend you to do it as well. However, URL re-direction works in case if you have saved old blog URL in favourites. There’s some great content and I highly recommend subscribing to Rob’s blog


4. Blog post of the week – “Creating a ranking chart over time”: Patrick Tehubijuluw shows us – how to trend the ranking or ranking over time. This is very useful technique when you wanted to compare across the time dimension. This technique can be used to aggregate the ranking based on the weightage and further you can also trend the ranking. Using this approach you can see the trend of the ranking and not just as is rank. I highly recommend this post:

Please read full blog post here: http://qlikshow.com/creating-a-ranking-chart-over-time/