1. Qlik acquires NPrinting: Finally, it happened – I’m very pleased to see that Qlik still respects PixelPerfect reporting requirements. We’ve two main stream products – NPrinting and CIA reports for Pixel perfect reporting. Qlik has acquired Vizubi and its NPrinting product line, the market-leading report generation, distribution, and scheduling application for QlikView. A Qlik partner since 2013, NPrinting allows organizations to create visually-appealing reports with drag-and-drop simplicity, in a variety of popular formats including Microsoft Office, PixelPerfect (.PDF), and HTML, using data and analytics from QlikView.

Almost every Investment Bank need this functionality, as part of regulatory requirement they need to generate either PDF or Excel based reports. So it’s a good move considering the fact that Financial Sector clients are Qlik’s big customers.

Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/2015/02/13/6795748/qlik-bolsters-advanced-reporting.html#storylink=cp

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2. QlikDevGroup Second Event: If you’re in UK (For that matter in Europe) and not heard about QlikDevGroup then you should read this post and check this site. We had great second event and the highlight of the evening was Patrik Lundblad’s presentation (I’m not allowed to talk about it here!). And other presenters were Jason Michaelides, Matt Crowther and myself. My topic was about “Handling Large Datasets by using Cross Table (When turning 11 million rows into 1 billion can be a good thing). We’ll update the scripts and the sample apps on QlikDevGroup site soon.

We’re having next event on 24th March, 2015 and this time we’re going to have a surprise! So, don’t forget to register for the next event. It will be bigger, better and more engaging one for sure… I promise!


3. Qlik beats Q4 2014 estimates, guides lower on FX headwinds: Qlik showed better than expected revenue and earnings for Q4 2014. Although, Tableau is catching up with Qlik and giving stiff competition. It will be interesting to see how QlikSense would change these numbers in this financial year.

Qlik vs Tableau

Highlights (Source: Diginomica)

  •     Fourth quarter total revenue of $182.8 million increases 13% year-over-year; 20% in constant currency
  •     Fourth quarter license revenue of $112.6 million increases 9% year-over-year; 17% in constant currency

Source: Diginomica


4. Blog post of the week – “Power of ListBox Expressions”: We all know about ListBox frequency property and I’m sure you’re also aware of ListBox Expression feature, which is very powerful feature. Rob explains how we can use these expression effectively. Although, it’s a simple topic but good to have the foundation right. So I recommend reading it once.

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