1. The Magic Behind Apps: Natalie Pace interviewed Lars Bjork (CEO of QlikTech) about Qlik’s existing clients, QlikView.Next, profits and future plans. However, we didn’t get much insight about QlikView.Next.

I’d recommend reading this interview at your free time.



2. German Screening Centers Improve Breast Cancer Detection with QlikView: This is interesting article about how QlikView helps Breast Cancer screening. It’s great to see QlikView is used in various verticals. Recently, I’ve seen a dental clinic using QlikView desktop edition to analyse their patients data.



3. New version of Document Analyser (Version 2) by Rob Wunderlich: As per Rob – DocAnalyzer is a tool to help tune the performance — response time and resource requirements — of a Qlikview QVW. DocAnalyzer can identify unused Fields and pinpoint slow charts.

Use the below link to access the full blog post.



4. Blog post of the week – “THE 4 QLIK COMMUNITY TYPES WE ALL LOVE TO HATE” by Rebecca Camper: We all know that Qlik Community is great place to learn & share ideas/knowledge. But sometimes we are surprised by some posts where the guy who is asking the question doesn’t provide full details. Rebecca highlighted some of these posts by random community members.


On similar topic, I had written two documents/blog posts about – how to ask questions on Qlik Community.

How to get answers to your post? –  http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2380

Its not about the answer, rather it’s about the question! – http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-3098