1. Coming Soon – Qlik Business Discovery Word Tour: Qlik announced that Business Discovery World Tour (BDWT) London 2014 will be held on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd October 2014 at Kings Place in London. According to Qlik, this conference will include keynote speakers, Qlik subject matter expert presentations, a Partner Showcase and opportunities to network and have some fun with old and new friends. It will also feature session tracks that highlight their customers’ experience, expertise and success with QlikView. Whether you’re a new or seasoned QlikView Developer/User, I recommend attending this event. This will be great opportunity to meet fellow Qlikers.


2. iinsight for QlikView: Infinity Insight provides “iinsight” –  note-taking tool which can collaborate across all the dashboards. According to Infinity Insight, iinsight is designed to make collaboration a snap. With iinsight, you eliminate the hassle of sharing QlikView trends over email and leaving your BI solution to pass along insights. Plus, iinsight attaches notes directly to the relevant data, making them easier to locate than with the object-driven approach of native QlikView notes. Sharing notes and insights to maximize business discoveries is seamless and efficient.

See more at: http://www.infinityinsight.com/products.php?id=81#sthash.2n9nNkVX.dpuf


3. Great thread on Set Analysis vs Flags (Multiplication): As mentioned by Rob, this is great topic and there’s no definite answer. Everything depends on the data volumes, cardinality of the data and cache usage. I’d strongly suggest reading + following this thread. As per HIC, he’ll be writing one blog post on this topic. Meanwhile, you can read great insights from HIC, Barry, Ralf & Rob.



4. Blog post of the week – “Infographics in QlikView Vol 2” by Julian Villafuerte: Interesting blog post about Infographics in QlikView by Julian. This post was originally inspired from Rebecca Camper’s post on IntuiQlik. In this post, we’ll see how to use Pivot Table chart object to create this HR based Infographic. Please check the full blog post using the below URL.