1. ASK QV Launch: Few weeks back, Dan Barrett and Steve Dark launched www.ASKQV.com. Personally, this is one my favourite blog/site in Qlik world. They’ve hand picked the content from 36 blogs and these are most frequently updated blogs by top contributors. We all know that Qlik Community is a great resource & back bone for Qlik learning & knowledge stream; however, off late there is so much going on Qlik Community that it’s difficult to search content on community. The answer for this issue is the new search functionality on ASK QV site. You can search ONLY QlikView related content from Qlik Community and various other blogs. This Google like search bar is your friend if you are searching for Qlik content. Also using http://www.askqv.com/news/, you can also see the news feeds from 36 blogs. Both Dan & Steve have done great job and I wish them good luck with www.ASKQV.com


2. ARE MICROSOFT, ORACLE AND IBM FAILING THE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE MARKET? Interesting interview with Donald Farmer, In this interview Donald Farmer explains how QlikView is different from other traditional stack based BI products.

See the full interview here: http://www.cbronline.com/news/tech/software/businessintelligence/qlik-on-microsoft-oracle-and-ibm-failing-the-business-intelligence-market-4276230

PS: I get little disappointment whenever I see QlikView spelt incorrectly! See the second question – “How does your business intelligence (BI) software, QlickView, deliver?”. Well! I’ve seen far worse spellings of QlikView than this one.


3. Rebuilding Qlik Demos: @MindSpank (Alexander Karlsson) tweeted about rebuilding QlikView demos. This is your chance if you wanted to see more interesting stuff in Qlik demos. You can directly get in touch with @MindSpank on Twitter to give your input.

Original message: We will be re-building http://demo.qlik.com  – are you missing something on the site? Let me know!

(Source: https://twitter.com/mindspank/status/469437134508941312)


4. Blog post of the week – “Why You Should Ditch Your QlikView Calendar Script” by Steve Dark: In last two/three weeks there were lot of discussions on Qlik Community & other blogs about the Master Calendar table/script. In this post, Steve uses alternative approach to incorporate the Master Calendar in the QlikView data model. This thread has some great comments from various Qlik experts.

Here is the list of various posts about the Master Calendar: