1. Qlik World Conference:  I’m sure you already know it! Qlik announced about the World Conference. I suppose it will be very interesting this year because of QlikSense launch. I’m hoping that there will be lot of discussions/buzz around QlikSense. No matter whether you’re still looking into QlikSense or not, this event is best of all Qlik events and I recommend you to persuade your company/manager to get you there. Qlik created very useful “Justify” template and you can use it as proposal for your sponsorship. Also, there’s $150 discount if you register before 30th September, 2014.


2. National Express Coach Drives Efficiency with QlikView: National Express Coach is the UK’s largest coach operator, delivering 18 million journeys on its services every year. National Express previously relied on spreadsheets for data analysis. And currently, they’ve moved to QlikView platform with 100 million records. You can read more using the following link:


3. Data visualisation is a Qlik away: Qlik CEO Lars Björk tells us how QlikSense dispurts other BI vendors and Tableau. This interview consists interesting questions around self-service BI and how market embraces QlikSense in next one year.


4. Blog post of the week – “Scales of Measurement”: Henric Cronström explains different Scales of Measurement for different fields in QlikView and QlikSense. I highly recommend reading this post:

Please read full blog post from here: http://qlikshow.com/creating-a-ranking-chart-over-time/