QlikSense extension object which resembles iOS toggle switch. This object will do the following:

  1. Lock/Unlock Specific Fields
  2. Lock/Unlock and Clear User Selections for Specific Fields
  3. Lock/Unlock on All Fields
  4. Lock/Inlock and Clear All Selections
  5. Custom Object Label
  6. Custom Object Label Formatting

Note: To Lock/Unlock specific fields based on the user selections. You need to create a data island which holds those/all field name (not the values). This is similar to $Field (system field). So, based on this field selections, extension object will lock/unlock the respective fields. As a developer, you also have the option to add “ClearAll” or “Clear” specific fields.
Test(s) Performed: This extension object was tested on Chrome with Sense 3.0 on both Desktop and Server.