I hope you’re doing well!? I had been busy with newborn and work. Sorry, I couldn’t write a blog post for a few months now.

Finally, I started building QlikSense extensions/visualisations. A few days back, I’ve built “Sense-Variable-Slider” extension; which I’ve fully tested on Chrome browser. It works on IE but yucks! Well, who wants to use IE!?

sense-variable-slider supports following features:

  • Single Value Slider
  • Expression support for Start, End and Step values
  • Dual Value Slider with Min, Max and Step values
  • Slider Themes
  • Label Show/Hide
  • Custom Label with Expression Support

Note: For range slider/dual value slider – you will have two data points, min and max numbers are delimited by pipe “|”. So you should use SUBFIELD() function in QlikSense to extract the min and max values.

Download URIs: