At some point in time, we all need to lease a license to develop QlikView applications. Before QlikView 9, separate license key is issued for QlikView desktop client. This way, we had to maintain one license key for each Developer which was painful to manage. Then Qlik came up with smarter solution by allowing Developers to lease the named user CAL from the QlikView server. Using the later approach, all the Developers need only one license for both desktop client and server.


How does License Leasing work?

Named users can lease the license by connecting to the server. Once the lease is successful then Developers can work offline for next 30 days. After 30 days period, Developers needs to connect to the renew the lease. Lease is extended to further 30 days once they connect to the server. QlikView uses QVP protocol and via port 4747 by default hence license lease will not work through AJAX client. Also, we can only use QlikView Enterprise Server and QlikView Small Business Server editions for license leasing. We can’t use QlikView Extranet Server, QlikView Information Access Server and QlikView Test Server.


License Leasing step-by-step process:

Step 1:

Go to QMC, then “System” tab, “Licenses” sub tab, select “QlikView Server”, select “Client Access Licenses (CALs)” and Ensure “Allow License Lease” is enabled


Step 2:

Click on “Open in Server” (below screenshot represents QlikView 11.20 SR7)


Step 3:

Type “qvp://” followed by the IP address and select the authentication type. Then click on “Open” button which will show available documents in the server and then try to open one of them .


Step 4:

Check the License information by click on the “License information” text (As shown below). You will see the full details about the License Lease.


These are easy steps to follow. Once you lease the license and connect within 30 days period, you don’t need to lease the license again for next 30 days period.

PS: There’s no easy way to remove the license lease once the lease is successful. Generally, you need to wait for 30 days period and wait for lease expiry! 

Thanks to Daniel for correcting me. You can easily clear the license information by using Desktop Client > User Preferences > License > “Clear License Information”. As simple as that!