Recently, we (myself and Shilpan) launched the QlikView Server and Publisher Course on Udemy. Which is a comprehensive course on QlikView Server and Publisher.  We had added loads of theory and practical content (see topics covered below).

Together our goal is to make you awesome with QlikView Server and Publisher skills. This course covers fundamentals and you don’t need to be a developer to take up this course. In fact, this course will empower you if you’re already a Qlik developer. 

We had created this course to raise monies to fund 20 under privileged children

We’re giving you 23% discount and you can get the course for just £34 or $39. 

Here’s the URI:


Coupon Code: QVQlikShare

We want you to learn new skills and together we can sponsor for 20 kids education through this course.

Topics Covered:

Section 1: About Us          

Section 2: Introduction to Qlikview 

Section 3: Meet the Qlikview Product Family 

Section 4: Qlikview Deployments 

Section 5: Qlikview Development Methodologies 

Section 6: Qlikview Services 

Section 7: Installing and Configuring QlikView Server 

Section 8: Section 8: All About Log Files 

Section 9: Creating and Publishing Tasks 

Section 10: Administering QlikView Environment

Section 11: QlikView Licensing and Security