Advanced Filters: QlikView Design Principle

Before building a dasbhboard or QlikView app, developer must consider the technical challenges relating to successful app design. Failing to build an app with such technicalities in mind could result in an app that many users find unprofessional and difficult to use. Technical issues here doesn’t mean data model challenges or writing complex expressions, we(…)

Understanding Concat() Function

Welcome to QlikShare.Com. This post contains a QlikView Video Tutorial. In this video, you’ll learn about Concat() function. I’ve covered both – Scripting & UI with some examples. Leave a comment if you have any questions or tweet me directly. Just in case if you can’t watch the video from this site, you can use(…)

Qlik Weekly Updates – August 18th 2014 Edition

1. Launch of QlikSense in business world:  I’m sure you already know it! Qlik launched new product called “QlikSense”. There are loads of blog posts by top bloggers and dozens of getting started tutorials on QlikCommunity. As technology enthusiast, you might be focusing on the features, functionality and comparison with other competitive products. However, it’s(…)

Using FirstWorkDate() function in QlikView

Time dimension is the most used & common dimension fields in every QlikView application. Whether you have light version master calendar or a full version, you always need to calculate the latest business date based on today or a specific date. As you are aware, there are many ways to calculate the latest business date.(…)

Convert multiple date formats into one date format using Alt() function

Most of the times, we don’t get clean data. Especially the data from web or non-transactional systems where there is no data integrity or constraints, which will have some noise. Let’s assume that we have single date field which has multiple date formats (As shown below).     Currently, “MyDateField” field has 4 different date(…)

QlikView Video Tutorial: Everyone Loves Subfield (QlikView Subfield Function)

  Welcome to QlikShare.Com. In this video, we’ll learn about Subfield function in QlikView. This function works in both script & UI and it’s one of my favourite function in QlikView. Just in case if you can’t watch the video from this site, you can use this link to watch from YouTube. Thank you for watching. Happy(…)

Wildcard Search by using Like Operator in QlikView

Hello, In this video, I have demonstrated on how to perform Wildcard Search by using Like Operator in QlikView. If you come from database background then you’d find it easy to understand. Although, it’s pretty straight-for-ward to understand. Update : sfatoux spotted potential logical bug. We should use ‘*(sa)*’ instead of ‘*sa*’ to make the search(…)

FirstSortedValue function in QlikView – Part I

Hello Today, let’s talk about FirstSortedValue function in QlikView. This function can be used as both chart expression and script expression. However in this tutorial, I’m going to focus on using it as chart expression. I have divided this tutorial in two parts and this first part of two part series. In this part, I’ll(…)

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