Wildcard Search

QlikView Video Tutorial: Loading Multiple Excel Files

Welcome to QlikShare.Com. In this video, I’ll show you how to load multiple Excel files in single Load script. We’ll use wildcard character to search for the Excel files. Just in case if you can’t watch the video from this site, you can use this link to watch from YouTube. Thank you for watching. Happy learning.

QlikView Conditional Enablement of Expressions/ Dimensions AKA Column Selections

Welcome back to QlikShare.Com In this video, I’ll show you how to use conditional enablement of Dimensions/ Expressions. This is new feature in QlikView 11 and this is one of my favourite feature. In older versions, I had used VB Script with DOM API and it’s always difficult to maintain the code. Here is the(…)

Wildcard Search by using Like Operator in QlikView

Hello, In this video, I have demonstrated on how to perform Wildcard Search by using Like Operator in QlikView. If you come from database background then you’d find it easy to understand. Although, it’s pretty straight-for-ward to understand. Update : sfatoux spotted potential logical bug. We should use ‘*(sa)*’ instead of ‘*sa*’ to make the search(…)